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EnviroSCAN is a soil moisture probe providing measurements in multiple depths and has been the main product range of Sentek. They have been specialising in soil moisture monitoring for over 25 years offering a wide range of products.

As an approved Sentek distributor, here at HTM Complete we provide growers with consultations, hire of products, training and a back-up service ensuring high quality industry experience.

Sentek probes are capacitance with continuous logging timers. Sentek’s latest product, the Drop & Drill soil moisture probe, is a completely sealed unit that can be buried underground, with the option to be connected to third party devices.

Product List:

  • Drop & Drill
  • EnviroSCAN
  • EnviroSCAN PLUS
  • Diviner 2000
  • EnviroSMART
  • EasyAG
  • IrriMAX
  • TriScan
  • EnviroSCAN Solo

Further information can be found at: www.sentek.com.au

EnviroSCAN probe standing in field

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